LGBT Masters Aquatics Club



Dear members,

I emailed you on 18th January inviting suggestions for the Out to Swim Annual General Meeting agenda. I am now writing to give formal notice of the AGM and to set out the agenda. I apologise for the length of the email, but it contains a lot of important information, so please take time to read it carefully. 

The AGM (including annual awards) will be held on Saturday 18th March 2017, starting at 2.00 pm in Room B20 Birkbeck College, Malet Street, Bloomsbury. Refreshments will be provided. We have booked the room until 5.00 pm so there will be time for the usual swimming and water polo sessions afterwards at ULU.  There will be an informal social after training as usual in the TCR bar.

You are aware that we have submitted an application to the Charity Commission for Out to Swim to be registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We had hoped that this process would have been completed by the time of the AGM and this would have enabled us to invite nominations from members to apply for positions under the proposed new structure. We are in dialogue with the Commission about our application, but we are unlikely to have final approval by the time of the AGM. 

This means that the AGM will be conducted under the terms of the existing constitution. One of the key agenda items will be the appointment of members to the OTS Committee. The following positions are up for election and nominations are now invited from members to put themselves forward to sit on the OTS Committee:


Vice Chair



Men's Competition Rep

Women's Competition Rep

Communications and Publicity Rep

Social Rep

Men's Swimming Rep

Women's Swimming Rep

Synchro Rep


I attach two documents. The first is the 'Committee Election Procedure' adopted by the OTS Committee in January 2015. The other is a description of the current Committee posts. If you would like to stand for a Committee position yourself, or if you would like to nominate another club member, please follow the guidance in the 'Committee Election Procedure' document. 


Mr Terry Muscat has very kindly agreed to act as the Returning Officer for the AGM for the second year running, and he was formally appointed by the Committee at their meeting on Monday 13th February 2017 (minutes to follow shortly). All nominations (including statements) must be sent to Terry at and received by 6.00 pm on Friday 3rd March 2017.


Terry will publish the nominations on 4th March, inviting proxy and absentee voting for positions with a nomination. The deadline for proxy and absentee voting to be submitted to Terry will be 10.00 pm on Friday 17th March 2017.



1. Chair's report 

2. Head Coach's report

3. Treasurer's report on club finances

4. Swimmers' Reps' report

5. Water Polo Reps' report

6. Synchro Swimming Rep's report

7. OTSS's report

8. Proposed OTS Strategy

9. Hustings for Committee positions, where there are multiple candidates

10. Voting for Committee posts and ratification of Water Polo posts


We will let members know when we have received final approval of our application from the Charity Commission. We will then set out the arrangements for members to make nominations to represent OTS under the proposed new CIO structure. 

If you have any queries about any of this, please get in touch with me at


Thank you.

Rob John
Out to Swim Secretary