LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

OTS Committee Roles Descriptions


The Chair - shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the business affairs of Out To Swim Swimming Club. The Chair shall call Membership and Committee Meetings when and where deemed necessary and shall preside at all such meetings. The Chair shall report the actions of the Committee at all Membership Meetings. The Chair shall assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget.


The Vice-Chair - shall  assist the Chair in the performance of all duties and will substitute for the Chair in the event of illness or incapacity.


The Treasurer - shall receive all monies and pay the bills approved by the Chair or Committee or authorised by a budget approved by the Committee. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all financial records, including Bank and cheque records, and for submitting reports at each Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting as required. The Treasurer is responsible, in co-operation with the Chair for preparing the annual budget to be reviewed and approved by the Committee. The Treasurer will make available to Committee Members and other Members who require it for club business, up-to-date information on dues or fees received and bills outstanding or paid. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring there is someone present at each session to collect session fees.


The Secretary - shall be responsible for the recording of Membership details, and the registration of Members with the appropriate organisations as determined by the Committee at the beginning of the year. The Secretary is made responsible for ensuring that Out to Swim Swimming Club is registered with the appropriate national and international aquatic organisations. The Secretary is responsible for keeping records of all meetings, conducting official correspondence, taking minutes of Committee Meetings and making such reports as may be required by the Committee or these Byelaws. The Secretary will maintain and make available to Committee Members and other Members who require it for club business, up-to-date lists of all Members. If any Member wishes that his or her address and phone number be kept secret, he or she should inform the Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for the relationship between Out To Swim Swimming Club and each training facility used, including co-ordinating rental payments with the Treasurer.


Competition Secretary - shall identify and notify club Members of available galas, co-ordinate club entries for galas (these are galas identified by the Committee as ‘club events’. Other galas may be entered by individuals or groups but are out of the responsibility of this official), co-ordinate arrangements on behalf of the club for ‘away events (e.g. hotels, transport).


Publicity co-ordinator(s) - shall be responsible for promoting the idea and presence of a swimming club for lesbian women and gay men amongst Members of our community. This may involve advertising in the gay press or the gay sections of publications. The Publicity Co-ordinator(s) should aim to attract an equal number of women and men into the club by advertising in women’s magazines. The Publicity co-ordinator(s) may also produce or oversee the production of an Out To Swim Swimming Club newsletter, brochures or other publicity material and shall be responsible for managing the OTS website.


Social Secretary - shall organise and promote social activities for the benefit of club Members, generate and seek ideas for appropriate club activities.


Swimmers Representatives - shall be responsible for canvassing the opinion of the Membership and putting forward their views and feelings at Committee Meetings. There shall be four Swimmers Representatives, two of each sex. If there are insufficient numbers of a particular sex, that seat (or seats) shall remain unfilled until such time it (or they) can be filled. Swimmers Representatives may be asked to perform other tasks to assist the Committee to function. The Swimmers Representatives shall be responsible, along with the Head Coach(es), for reporting on the maintenance of each facility used and for welcoming new members to the club.


Synchro rep - represent synchro members' views, co-ordinate initiatives for raising funds where necessary, co-ordinate attendance at synchro events, competitions and training camps and act as lead representative of the committee to the synchro training coach.


Water Polo Representatives. To represent Water Polo on the OTS committee. To liaise with the Water Polo Sub Committee.