LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Marshall St Fri night swim set:

12 lengths freestyle
10 lengths backstroke
6 lengths Breaststroke
2 lengths fly (lane 3 can do drill)

Main set
12x 2 lengths ( lane 3 - 10 x 2 lengths) as working transitions off the wall, easy to wall, then hard into turn and good transitions easy back to wall. Alternating freestyle and no.1 non- freestyle.
4th in first out

6 lengths drill

12 x 1 length walk backs with dives swam at a good pace emphasis is on the dive (at deep end) into transition and 6 hard strokes then relaxed into wall start when every one is back at start then go again

6 lengths kick
12 x half lengths - start in middle of pool swim hard to finish

If there is time, then practice turns
200 swim down