LGBT Masters Aquatics Club
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Out to Swim South is Brighton’s LGBT swimming club and we are excited to be hosting a swimming competition on 17th November 2018. We are inviting other LGBT clubs from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol. It is set to be a really fun informal gala with a brilliant night out so we are hoping to entice some of you from further north to come to sunny Brighton and make a weekend of it!

Date: Saturday 17 Nov 2018

Swimming: 5-7pm

Social: 7:45pm - 3am

Cost: Swim & Social £30, Social only £25, Swim only £10

Partners, Friends and family very welcome.

Current OTS / OTSS members can also access the entry form by logging into and select “Event”.


Swimming: Roedean School, Roedean Way, Brighton, BN2 5RQ

Social: Vodka Revolution, 77 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RA

Order of events:

100 meters Individual Medley
25 meters Breaststroke
50 meters Front Crawl
25 meters Butterfly
50 meters Backstroke
4 x 50 meters Front crawl relay

100 meters Front crawl
50 meters Butterfly
25 meters Backstroke
50 meters Breaststroke
25 meters Front crawl
4 x 50 meters Medley relay

Fun relay


Vodka Revolution 77 West Street, Brighton BN2 5RQ from 19.45
We have a private room with a bar all to ourselves for drinks, dinner, prizes and dancing!

1 drinks voucher on arrival and buffet dinner included in the price.
We will continue the party at one of Brighton’s fine LGBT establishments.
Dress code: everything that glitter’s is not gold. 

(We encourage use of bio-degradable glitter #savetheoceans!

Hosted Housing 

We are trying to keep the cost of the event down for people traveling from outside of Brighton and so some of our members have offered to host people, either in spare rooms, couches or floor space. If this appeals to you please email with your name, mobile number and how many of you would like to stay together (better to keep to small numbers 2-4). Then we will put you in contact with a potential host and you can make arrangements directly with them. We will do our best to accommodate everyone but unfortunately for obvious reasons we may not be able to. 

Getting to Roedean School for the swimming:

By Car/Bicycle
To get to the pool at Roedean, drive up to the gates, they will open automatically, then follow the road over the mini roundabout, then up to the top, where the road veers towards the left slightly, follow the road along, then if you look to your right there is a sharp turn, the pool is accessed from car park at the bottom of this turning. If you are driving, please park in the TTIP Car park which is on the right before the turning for the pool (we are not permitted to park in the car park in front of the pool). Cyclists can bring cycles into the pool building. There will be signs on the day.

By Bus
The closest bus stop is called Roedean School (which is the stop after Roedean Café, the buses electronically announce each stop), numbers 12, 12a, 14 and 27 go east from North Street (stop C) and the Sea Life Centre (stop K) towards Rottingdean. Bus 27 goes from outside Brighton Station (Stop B)
The entrance is not the one facing the main road, just walk back a few metres and follow the pathway along the fence through the meadow to the gate. For road vehicles the gate opens automatically by sensor, so you can either wait for a car or a cyclist to trigger the gate, or call the reception and tell them you are with OTSS.

Buses costs: £2.60 City Single, £5 City Saver if you’re getting the bus both ways.