LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Festive Season Changes to Sessions

Added on by Chris Richards.

December is such a difficult month. On the one hand there are parties to go to, presents to buy and drinks to be drunk. On the other hand there is swimming, polo, lessons and synchro to fit in; not to mention cold Mincie Pie dips to be taken. Add into the mix pool closures and one's diary becomes a nightmare!

To help you through the maze that is December, here are some dates for you:

  • Saturday 6th December - ULU closed. No swimming or polo. OTS party instead
  • Saturday 13th December - ULU closes at 18:00. Swimming as usual, but no polo
  • Sunday 14th December - Synchro Christmas show. All welcome, QM pool, 6pm, only £3

Then, over the festive period proper, we have the following last and first swims of the year:

  • Oasis - last swim 18th Dec, first swim 5th Jan
  • QM - last 21st Dec, first 4th Jan
  • Guys - last 18th Dec, first 7th Jan
  • ULU - last 23rd Dec, first 5th Jan
  • LAC - not affected, open on 21st and 28th
  • Marshall St - last 19th Dec, first 2nd Jan

Hope to see lots of you at the OTS party on Saturday, but if not, have a great December and all it brings!

Best wishes