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I'm freezing like Sunday morning

Added on by Thomas Harris.

Well, would you believe it?  On 9 March - a gorgeous bright and sunny Sunday morning - an intrepid crew of Out To Swimmers ventured off to Tooting Bec Lido to defend the Heron Cup in the annual invitation gala hosted by South London Swimming Club.  As reigning champions, the pressure was on.  

Sadly, we failed to hold onto the cup for 2014.   But there were still some very impressive individual swims and relay events, many of which we won.  It's fair to say that anyone braving that water deserves an award of some kind - the water was f-f-f-freezing!  Swim hats were donned and a steely determination entered the eye of each swimmer waiting to dive in for their 25 metre width.

After the torture, everyone cheered themselves up with a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits - the perfect way to round off a great morning's swimming.


The Out To Swim team…. we'll be back next year!

The Out To Swim team…. we'll be back next year!