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Sport Relief - Another Out To Swim Champion

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4 x 5K for Sport Relief
In preparation for SwimTrek training next week (that’ll involve 10K a day for five days with a six hour day in the middle…) and as training for a Gibraltar strait crossing in October, I (Emily C) signed up for the 5K Swimathon Sport Relief Challenge.

In 2012, 5K would have been a huge feat for me, these days I swim around 4(ish)K three mornings a week plus evening club swims. So I thought I’d do the distance of Gibraltar strait - 20K split into chunks over 30 hours.

The first was out of the way on Thursday morning at Mile End while Pete and Lucci were doing their Michelle’s set. I swam 1k as warm up, and then 4 x 1k. By the last kilometre, the smell of chlorine was getting up my nose and I was feeling on the nauseous side... back in the pool in the evening with OTS.

  • Thurs morning: 5x1k with 2k in fins. (1hr 46min)
  • Thurs evening: club set with OTS 2.4k (55min)
  • Fri morning set 3.4k + 16x100 + 2.6k swim. (2hr 45)
  • Fri 12pm: 5k hard out, non stop! (1:26:40)
Emily whooshing along in her green hat! 

Emily whooshing along in her green hat! 

Between the morning swim and the final 5k, I had two hours to spare to neck down a jacket potato and a bottle of iced tea. I've set my goal as near to 1hr30 as possible. The long leg suit is the only costume I have left that is dry, so on it went. The guy counting laps was constantly on FB, luckily I've got a lap counter watch which I was determined not to look at it for as long as possible.  The first 2k whooshed past. The two breast stroking guys were very nice and let me pass and turn every three lengths.  I counted the 3rd K as 10x100. At 4k I was flagging a bit and losing speed, so I paused for a few seconds to have a drink and dolphin kicked a length. Finally the last K came, I found my second wind somewhere in that tighty onesie, I kept a nice and strong pace till the last ten lengths and went out for a sprint finish. Job done plus 400 swim down, Michelle says she's proud (of the swim down maybe?).

Thank you for everyone who donated to Sport Relief, until the next challenge!
PS now I have DOMS like I'd weight lifted for two days and arms hang out like Hugh Jackman (or maybe I think I walk like Hugh Jackman but actually more like Sponge Bob)

It's still not too late to donate to a great cause, just click here.