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Happy Swim Campers!

Added on by Thomas Harris.

Over the weekend of 12-13 April 2014, our fifth swim camp was held at Cobham hall and our second swim school. We thought about doing a write-up but then thought we'd share some of the feedback instead. Here is what some of the OTSers thought of swim camp.

"I feel as if my Out To Swim community has been deepened. The swim camp saw me push harder on myself in the pool than ever before, and to see this journey with the ones around me gave me great delight".
"I cannot think of anything to improve, I had a wonderful time, thank you".
"Thank you for another magnificent swim camp. From my perspective, everything ran like clockwork and everyone had a really good time. Everything was planning to the last detail so that the campers didn't have anything to worry about. All we had to do was turn up and swim and eat and swim and eat and sleep (a bit) and swim a bit more and eat a bit more and have lots of fun while doing so.  I've enjoyed the previous two swim camps as well, but I think the mix of people this time made it work especially well".


"A very big thank-you for a great Swim Camp. I've never done this sort of thing before and was somewhat anxious as to how my body would respond both during the w/e and after. I am happy to report that I was happy with everything about Swim Camp and the following days it was noticeable that my body had done some considerable exercise.....but was eager to swim by the Thursday which I did ....and all was fine. Now all appears to be back to normal, including sleeping patterns which seemed to get disturbed by the "endorphins" as mentioned by Chris in his excellent blog! Cobham Hall was a great venue and the grounds just wonderful.....just sorry I did not walk more around the grounds and the house.  The group was a lot of fun and as ever OTS is a wonderful and friendly group to swim and spend time with.  The club has a great ethos of introducing everyone to all members and of acknowledging each other in lots of good ways".