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Strike a pose

Added on by Kevin Stewart.

Strike a pose with the new Out to Swim Open Water caps!

Whether it's lip-smakingly shocking pink, diabolically day-glow yellow or ludicrously luscious orange it would seem that the new Out to Swim Open Water caps are this season's must have swimming accessory. However I'm sorry to have to report that your club has now run out of its first ever print run of these beauties.

I can almost hear the disapointment from those of you not lucky enough to get your hands on one this time round. Don't be down hearted because you too can or strike a pose lake, river or poolside in one of these dazzling delights. I'm already compiling a list for the next print run so choose a colour and get tippity tapping on your keyboard. Simply drop me a "can I have one too please, oh please, oh please" email via the OTS (open water) website and I'll add your name to the growing list of people who want to see and be seen.

Happy swimming you lovely people!