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The champion in our midst

Added on by Thomas Harris.

It would appear that we have a champion in our midst.  Yes, Lizzie Bellinger has done it again folks.  

In the recently published World FINA Masters short course rankings for 2013, Lizzie appears 5th for 100 metres butterfly (1:06.47) and 7th for 50 metres butterfly (0:29.46).  Go and see for yourselves:

And yes, you read that right... this is the world rankings.  So Lizzie beat all those swimmers from those swimmy countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and, er, Uzbekistan.  Now I'm no geographer, but there are literally hundreds of people in the world, more than you can fit on a football pitch; all of which means that Lizzie really is a very good swimmer.

Very well done Lizzie!!