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The Swimmers' Manifesto - Call for Participants

Added on by Chris Richards.

King's College in association with Museum of Water by artist Amy Sharrocks have invited Out to Swim members to participate in an event they are producing with Somerset House. The event is called The Swimmers' Manifesto which is part of a larger programme of accompanying events that will take place on Midsummer's Day on 21 June, on the River Terrace of Somerset House. 

Accumulating over two years in different sites worldwide, Museum of Water is an invitation to ponder our precious liquid and how we use it. The exhibition will take place in Somerset House from 6 to 29 June.

To tie in with the theme of the exhibition, they are inviting passionate swimmers to go and create a public manifesto about the love of swimming. They've invited Out to Swim members to go and speak at The Swimmers' Manifesto and share your passion for swimming with the public and other swimming enthusiasts. 

They are asking speakers to prepare around 10 minutes to share on their soapbox on the River Terrace on 21 June between 12pm – 5.30pm. The manifesto will comprise of programmed speakers as well as an open callout to members of the public. The opportunity is unpaid.