LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Serpentine swims

Added on by Kevin Stewart.

There was a big queue outside the Serpentine Lido swimming club on Monday night for the first swim this season!

Yes we finally are back in the slightly disturbingly green water of the Seprentine again. The temperature in the water was hovering around an enchanting 17 degrees. Just over 20 OTSwimmers glided serenely into the waters of the 100 meter long lido with the odd sharp intake of breath and only one or two little screams (of delight Iā€™m sure) and started the 600m warm up. A few of us threw caution to the wind and slipped right in without wetsuits and it has to be said with way less drama than most tri-athletes (in wetsuits).

Although it was a very crowded first session, I can report that we all had a jolly good time.