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OTS logo/swimwear design competition: Winning designs

Added on by James Langridge.

Dear OTS Members

Following an extremely high level of response from the club to the Logo/swimwear design questionnaire, we have selected and finalised the winning new logo and swimwear designs. As the club has evolved over the past two decades, these designs capture the boldness, vibrancy and strength that the club has today. We hope that you will train and compete in these designs and be proud of what they stand for.

A massive thank you to Eduardo Murillo for his winning designs and significant and continued work, and also to Emily Chong and Sam Shepherd for giving their time and sharing their talent as part of this project. Also to Sion O'Connor for his expertise and ongoing support.

We have taken time to test various swimwear samples to ensure that we have selected the best quality swimwear for these designs. We are currently finalising artwork with the swimwear developer and, once this is done, will send details of how you can purchase the new swimwear range.

Many thanks and enjoy your weekend.