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Stockholm and the Scholarship and Graham Perlman Funds

Added on by Philip Collins.

Hello everyone,

I thought I'd remind you of the Scholarship Fund and the Graham Perlman Fund.

Amongst other things the Scholarship fund was set up to help members attend competitions such as the Eurogames/IGLA Championships in Stockholm 5-9 August.

The Graham Perlman fund was set up with a generous bequest from Graham and is intended to support people living with HIV take part in the Club's activities. Graham was a superb breaststroke swimmer and an enthusiastic competitor. He was great at encouraging and supporting members at meets and I have fond memories of him at the Amsterdam Gay Games giving hell to the bureaucrats. He would have been delighted at the numbers of us going to Stockholm.

So if you haven't already entered you have until 31 May and if you need financial support check out the website

See you in the water soon!