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Polo in Paris (TIP)

Added on by Philip Collins.

20 water polo players from London Orca (Out To Swim) attended this year's TIP. We couldn't quite eclipse last year's effort of 44 London Orca attendees. The 2015 was arranged as a "mixed" tournament - mixed meaning players from all cities were mixed together on the morning of the tournament, allowing you to be teammates with totally different people for a change.
To start the weekend on Friday night our Social Sextretary Richard Huw Evans organise a team dinner at "Le Gai Moullin" in The Marais. The wine we guessed, whilst unlimited, was watered down, but then some people need this.
The theme for the tournament was "Game of TIP" (Game of Thrones). There were 7 teams, each named after characters. My team was "House of Stark". I don't recall any others because I don't REALLY care - also I have never watched the show, much to the horror of a lot of people. Not ever watching Game of Thrones was like I was dead to a lot of people.
The games were friendly, however the competitive spirit always rises to the occasion as the day draws to a close. Altogether each team would have played 104 minutes of water polo, which is not totally insignificant. As it turns out, my team won, finishing the day with a stonking victory 4-0 in the final! Other London peeps on my team were Orca Captain Darren Whittingslow, Luke Millican, Gareth Johnson and Stefan Romocki. Anyway, we moved on to drinks later that night - as we know it isn't always the sport that draws people to water polo....
The TIP organising committee were keen to organise a successful closing party after last year's abysmal effort (too hot, too small, too hard to get a drink, self-centred shows that went for too long). This year's party, in my opinion, was a great success. Good music, venue and fun shows.
Our focus turns towards our upcoming tournament in Stockholm, as I'm sure attention is focussed for a lot of OTSers. Looking forward to sharing that experience with a BIG OTS team!