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London Pride 2014

Added on by Christophe Claux.

The big day is almost up on us. We will be parading through the streets of Sunny London on Saturday 28 June 2014.

As we are a swim team, we want everyone in their brightest possible swim wear. Vibrant colours, eye catching designs, anything that's going to help us stand out.

Pride in London 2013 was a huge success and it was delivered by amazing volunteers from across the LGBT+ community alongside fabulous straight allies. 

We want 2014 to be an even bigger success but for that to happen we need your help. 

The parade starts at 1pm, so we need everyone to be there by 11am. You will see us all standing on Portman Close near to Baker Street Tube Station.

Once the parade is over (15:00) we will be drinking around the streets of Soho.

Its going to be lots and lots of fun. You do not want to miss this!!!