LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Let’s Swim 6 weeks program - FULL CAPACITY 

(If you are interested in joining this program in the future, please let us know.)

Start date: 28 June 2018

Last date: 2 Aug

duration: 6 weeks

Every Thursday 8-9pm (Please meet at 7pm on day 1)

Venue: Oasis Leisure Centre, 32 Endell St, London WC2H 9AG


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Who for?

Minimum age 18 years. Female, non-binary and female identifying individuals who are looking to join Out To Swim aquatics club. Maybe you used to swim but haven’t done in a while and feeling a little unfit? Maybe you’re a triathlete or open water swimmer who would like to learn other strokes / turns and dives? Maybe you’d like to swim at Gay Games? Maybe you swim on your own and would like to swim with a group of awesome people? ;) 

Minimum requirement is to be able to swim unassisted for 100m (4 lengths in a regular pool) 


How much is it?

£30 for the 6 weeks program. When the program finishes, the £30 you have already paid will contribute towards your OTS membership (covering Swim England fee for insurance), so all you need to do is to purchase a pay as you go card (£10 per session) or monthly membership £43 per month (low wage discount and scholarship available)


Capacity for this program is 10, you can also expect there'll be 10-15 other swimmers in the other lanes.


What are the commitments?

The program is 6 weeks long, one hour a week. We understand that in London lots of things can get in the way, but please make sure you’re free to attend all dates before booking. If you can also get into the water to practice once or twice during the week outside of the program, it would help the process a lot quicker. 


What will happen at the program?

You will be met and greeted at Oasis Leisure Centre an hour before the session start so we can have a chat about what you would like to achieve and introduction to everyone in the group.

The sessions will be run during the OTS women’s only (including non-binary and female identifying members) training, so you will meet others and swim in the same pool as other members. 

In the first session we will have a look to see where you’re at and what needs to work on, after that we will go through the 4 strokes in swimming: Front crawl (freestyle), back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly, also how to turn and start. In the last session we will check again to see what you can do and give you all the information to join the club! 


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After each session everyone goes to either the pub or a nearby pizza place for some chats and mingle (beer / wine / soft drinks and cheap pizzas with vegan option). This is obviously not compulsory, but it’s something that we always look forward to and it’s a great chance to get to know other members. 



There are assessible toilets, accessible changing room, ramp access to the pool (however there is no hoist into the pool).

In the female changing room, there are changing cubicles and shower cubicles as well as open area to change.

If you already have your swimwear underneath your clothes, you can even bypass the changing room and go straight to poolside. 

Lockers are located in the changing room and takes non-refundable 20ps.


What shall I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable to swim in. Close fitting swimwear will make swimming a lot easier than baggy clothes (imagine dragging a parachute), but it’s up to you. Some of us prefer more coverage such as a “legsuit” or triathlon style "trisuit" which covers your body to just above knees; some prefer 2 piece suits, if you require full body coverage, check out “modesty suit”. (P.S the pool is heated, therefore it will be too hot for a wetsuit)


What else shall I bring?

Goggles, swim cap (not compulsory, but you won’t look silly because everyone wears one, it helps keeping water out of your ears and hair out of your eyes. If you have long hair, you can get a "long hair cap" to make sure everything fits), towel, 20p for locker, flip flops. Short training fins will also make some drills and learning butterfly a lot easier, highly recommended to get some. 


What if I can't swim at all? 
You can get lessons at your local facilities for the time being and get comfortable in the water first.

I'm not female / non-binary or female identifying, or I can't make those dates, can I still join?
Of course! you can join anytime via our regular route.

Any other question, click here to ask.