LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Membership - Brighton

Your first three swim session in a month is free! After that there are several options for payment based on your income, how often you wish to swim and whether you intend to enter any competitions.

Pay Monthly

Brighton & Hove Pride 2018

We encourage you to join us by paying monthly. Full membership gives you access to all training sessions at no extra charge. We offer the following options:

  • full membership is £42.00 per month

  • low-waged fee is £20.00 per month (income is less than £13k p.a.)

  • 4 swims per month is £24 per month

  • 6 swims per month is £30 per month


For those who swim less regularly, you can buy a PAYG pass, it includes 8 swims for £56 and it is valid for 90 days.

Swim England Membership Fees

All club members are required to pay the annual Swim England membership fee:

£27.20 - category 2 (for those entering competitions)

£9.38 - category 1 (for those not entering competitions)

Current Members

The link to login and pay (loveadmin) is here