LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Out To Swim Membership

To join Out To Swim as a swimmer, you will need to have been to an assement day where the coach would have let you know whether you're suitable for lessons / development or lane 1-4 (click here to organise one if you haven't already done so).  After this, you can join us as a member.


Joning instructions:

  1. Click the button below to fill in membership form:

Notes for form:

a) Unless you qualify for the low wage discount, please select the full payment option, you'll be prompted later for instalments or one time payment. For Pay as you go, please select PAYG. 

b) Select whether you are new to the club or has previously been a member

c) If you are new, and has been assessed, please write down what the coach told you on the assement day regarding your level (ie. lessons / development / lane 1-4)

d) Select your main discipline (Synchro / artistic swimming and water polo participants can go to any main swim club sessions, you will not need to select "Swimming" as well.)

e) Select the ASA / Swim England category that suits you. If you intend to participate in any events such as Gay Games, swim competitions, open water etc. Please select Category 2. 

f) After filling in your details, you'll either be directed to the payment page, or you'll receive an e-mail from our treasurer confirming your category with a payment link within the week.  


2018 Fees

Due to the forecasted surplus in 2017 we have decided not to substantially increase fees in 2018, however there are some changes you need to be aware of:

  1. ASA fees: We have split the ASA fee from the club’s fee. The ASA fee goes directly to the ASA and covers membership of the ASA and insurance. By splitting this out you can decide whether you want the cheaper non-competitive membership or the more expensive competitive membership. We have reduced the club’s fees accordingly.
  2. Block Discount: Currently block payers receive a discount of 1.9 months per year. This has been necessary due to the extra administration required for monthly payers and to improve cash flow at the start of the financial year. We are reducing this discount for 2018 to 1.5 months.

Note: The maximum increase for any member including ASA and transaction fee is 5%.


Club Fee: 

For London:

Swimming / Water Polo /  Synchro (artistic swimming): £450 / £43 per month / £10 per session PAYG

+ ASA Fee Cat 1 £15.04 / Cat 2 £32.97 


For Brighton OTSS:

Swimming : £390 / £37 per month / £7 per session PAYG

+ ASA Fee Cat 1 £9.38 / Cat 2 £27.20 


Please see New System Q&As (including 2018 fees) for more details and please don’t hesitate to contact me or any member of the Committee if you have further queries.


Leaving Out To Swim

We are sorry that you are leaving us, it would be really helpful if you could let us know why via this form so we can improve our club and so that we can remove your personal data from our database. Thank you.

Name *