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Q. When will the new system come in?

A. 1st January 2018.

Q. I’m confused between PaySubsOnline and GoingSwimmingly

A. Effectively they’re the same thing. GoingSwimmingly is just a slightly more swimming focused version of PaySubsOnline.

Q. Why are we doing this? What’s wrong with the existing system?

A. With over 450 members, the current process for registering swimmers and reconciling payments is extremely time intensive, particularly for the Club Treasurer and Secretary. The new system will reduce that burden and enable the Committee to focus on more strategic issues. It also enables us to store your personal data more securely.

Q. Who are the changes aimed at?

A. It involves all swimmers involved with Out to Swim, whatever their discipline (except visiting swimmers)

Q. Is this anything to do with us becoming a charity?

A. No, the two things are unconnected. This is about making some of our admin processes more efficient, although data protection will be a key consideration of the Charity Commission.

Q. Why can’t I just carry on paying my standing order?

A. Payments under the new system will be through direct debit or credit card to enable automatic reconciliation of member payments. Please stop any existing standing orders by December 31st. Direct Debits will be processed by GoCardless (a major direct debit provider also used by HM Government) and Credit Card payments will be processed by Paypal.

Q. Do I need a GoCardless / Paypal account to pay my fees?

A. No you don’t – just follow the instructions when paying to either set up a direct debit or pay by credit card.

Q. Which form do I have to complete?

A. It depends whether you are a London or Brighton member and how you want to pay – annually, monthly (by instalments) or PAYG. You need to choose the appropriate form from the drop-down menu.

Q. Can I still pay monthly?

A. Yes. You will need to select the annual membership and then select ‘Pay by instalments’. For monthly payments, you will also need to select direct debit and authorise future payments – these will be taken on the 1st of the month. The system will walk you through the required steps.

Q. Can I still pay by PAYG?

A. Yes. Simply choose the PAYG form on the drop-down menu.

Q. Will I pay the same as I did in 2017?

A. There is a slight overall increase in fees to reflect increased costs for the club. Members will now pay a membership fee to OTS and a separate fee to be a member of Swim England (formerly the ASA). There will also be a small transaction fee of 2.95% for direct debit payments and 3.95% for credit card payments. This is split between the owners of paysubsonline and the online direct debit / credit card providers.

Q. What are the fees for 2018?

A. The fees are shown in this table:

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 16.43.49.png


Illustrative example: A London swimmer paying by direct debit on a monthly basis for a year and attending competitions will pay:

£43 x 12 = £516à+ ASA fee of £31.90 = £547.90àplus transaction fee @2.95% = £564 Note: Please see the question below regarding the Swim England fees.

Q. Will the low wage discounts still apply?

A. Yes, simply choose appropriate form from the drop-down menu.

Q. Will the OTS bank details remain the same?

A. Yes – however you will not need to use them as standing orders will no longer be allowed.

Q. Is the Swim England fee new?

A. No. In previous years, the overall membership fee that you paid included your Swim England fee, which we paid on your behalf. We will continue to pay it on your behalf, but we have split it out for transparency so that you pay exactly the amount required by Swim England depending on whether you want to compete or not.

Q. Why do I have be a member of Swim England?

A. All members of swimming clubs in England must be members of the governing body – Swim England. This is to ensure members are properly covered by insurance. This is not a new change for 2018.

Q. How much are the Swim England fees?

A. For 2017, Category 1 (non-competitive) costs £9.10. Category 2 (competitive) costs £26.40. Category 3 (for non-swimmers, officials, volunteers) is free. There is an additional £5.50 London regional fee for categories 1 and 2 (Not charged to Out to Swim South swimmers

Q. What happens if I don’t pay my OTS membership fee or the Swim England fee?
A. The new system will flag up those who haven’t paid and reminders will be sent. Those who continue not to pay will not be allowed to swim and will be turned away at the pool.

Q. What if I join part-way through the year?

A. Youwillsignuponthesystemasnormalandbecomeanunapproved member. The Treasurer/Membership Secretary will review your application and work out the pro-rated amount due and then enter it on the system. You will then receive an email requesting payment.

Q. Do I save money if I pay annually?

A. There is a slight saving by paying the annual amount. However, there is now less of a differential between those paying annually and those paying monthly, i.e. by instalment.

Q. What if OTS is not my main club?

A. You will pay your Swim England fee through that other club, so you won’t have to pay it again through OTS. Please select the relevant option. You will of course have to pay your OTS membership fee.

Q. Who will get to see my personal information?

A. This will be limited to those who need to see it, for example, the Secretary who is responsible for membership matters and needs access to your information to be able to register you with Swim England. The Head Coach will also need to have access to information about swimmers’ health and medical conditions. The Committee member who acts as admin for the system - currently the Treasurer - will also have access to all data.

Q. Can I change my personal information?

A. Yes, members will be responsible for updating their own personal information on the system. The Club Secretary will be notified of any changes to enable them to make any corresponding changes in the Swim England records.

Q. Am I committed to pay membership for a whole year?

A. Yes. As now, we would expect a regular payment commitment all the time you remain a member. Payments should continue even if you go away on holiday, have short periods of sickness, go away on business or simply decide not to turn up for training. However, if you decided to leave the Club, you would simply stop your payments.

Q. What about potential new members who want to try out the club?

A. Potential new members will still need to sign up on the system so that we have the details we need during their trial session – such as emergency contact details, swimming ability and health information. However, payment will not be taken until they have confirmed they want to be a member. If they decide not to join the Club, their data will be deleted.

Q. Will new swimmers still get free swims?

A. The number of free swims will depend on which discipline and group swimmers start in.

Q. What about visiting swimmers?

A. For the time being, visiting swimmers will not be processed through the system. They should continue to follow the guidance on the OTS website.

Q. What about the TAGS swimmers?
A. TAGS swimmers will have their own group on the system tailored to their membership structure.

Q. What about the Positive Strokes swimmers?

A. Prior to signing up online, Positive Strokes swimmers should contact the OTS Secretary and explain if they intend to compete or train with OTS in 2018.