LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Dear Member,

This is a formal notice of the Special General Meeting to be held on:

Date: Saturday 1st October 2016

Venue: Room 417 Birkbeck College, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, WC1E 7HX.

Nearest tube: Goodge Street, Russell Square, Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Warren St.
Nearest train station: Euston, King's Cross St Pancras

Time: starting at 2.00 pm.

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The meeting is being convened to allow members to vote on the proposal to apply to the Charity Commission to register Out to Swim as a Charitable Incorporated Association. 

 The aims of the meeting are:

1. That Jeremy Koziol, Lucille Thirlby and Richard Walton be appointed as trustees of the Organisation proposed to be registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Association.

2. To resolve that Jeremy Koziol, Lucille Thirlby and Richard Walton submit an application to the Charity Commissioners for registration of a Charitable Incorporated Association in the terms, or substantially the terms, of the attached draft, allowing for any minor amendments or alterations required by the Charity Commission to effect registration.

3. To resolve that, upon such registration, Out to Swim Swimming Club be dissolved and the Club’s assets be transferred to the registered Charitable Incorporated Association.

4. That the members of Out to Swim Swimming club at the date of dissolution become members of that Charitable Incorporated Association. 

5. That upon such registration aforesaid, the current members of the Committee of the dissolved Out to Swim Swimming Club shall form the committee to manage the day to day running of the Charitable Incorporated Association referred to in paragraph 12.1.1 of the said Draft Constitution and shall continue until the next Annual Club General Meeting.

6. To resolve that, on such transfer to the registered Charitable Incorporated Association, the bye laws (also attached) shall have effect. 

This is a very big step for Out to Swim and the club would like to be able to see the support of as many people as possible. We therefore ask members to complete a proxy form if they are not going to be able to attend the meeting. If you think you may not be able to attend the meeting, please complete this form and return it to no later than 6.00 pm on Friday 30th September 2016.  

For further details and FAQ on constitution and bye-law, please see this page.

Proxy forms will be available at swim sessions so you can complete a proxy form there if you prefer. Under the club’s rules for proxy voting, the proxy must be given to the Chair or the Chair’s representative. No other person can be appointed proxy for you. If you are not sure whether you will be able to be at the meeting, please complete the proxy form – you can withdraw the appointment if you do in fact attend.


Rob John