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Call for volunteers - OTS Attendance

We are setting up a group of volunteers to help improve the way we control attendance to our swimming sessions in London. This is with two goals: first, to ensure we are more strict at not exceeding the capacity of our swimming pools; and second, to improve the quantity and quality of the data we have on pool usage, so that the club can make founded decisions on when and where to book more or less pool space.

Below are more details on what we need volunteers for right now. If you are willing to help, please read through and you will find instructions at the end to get in touch.

Thanks for your help!

What’s the current system like?

As you’ve probably noticed in our sessions, sometimes there’s a person taking names in a list, and sometimes there is nobody. This means the amount of data we currently have on attendance is very poor, and not enough to help the club make decisions.

What do we need volunteers for?

We need volunteers to pick up names at sessions. We’ve got some, but we need more and we want to do it in a more coordinated way, so that we can ensure we have records of attendance for all (or most of) our sessions.

What does volunteering involve?

All we need from you is to keep going to the same swimming sessions you normally go to, but being willing to control the attendance: take names in a list from the time you arrive (if nobody else is already on it), ensure the capacity of the pool is not exceeded, and report the final number of attendees and people turned away (if any) at the end. That’s it. If you decide to volunteer, you’ll get more detailed instructions on how to do this.

We want to set up a formalised group of volunteers doing this, but this does not require you to commit to any specific sessions (i.e. we are not setting up a rota). All we are aiming is to have 3 regular swimmers per session in charge of this, so it’s highly likely all our sessions always have someone covering.

So if you tend to swim at certain sessions more than others, you are a perfect candidate for those and we would love your help! Currently we need people for all our 14 London swimming sessions.

How can I volunteer?

If you would like to help out or have any questions, please get in touch by filling in the below form.

Many thanks for your help,

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