LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Brighton Swimming

Out to Swim South was established in 2006 and is a very friendly group located on the South Coast. We have three sessions a week, a workout programme each session and lanes for different speeds, currently Mondays and Saturdays are both coached, and Thursdays we have set but no swim coach. 

We have all abilities of swimmers from those who have just started and swim for fitness, to those who have been swimming all their lives and enter competitions. We all share an enthusiasm to improve and swim with like minded people and be part of an LGBT inclusive club. Women and men swim, and we have all ages swimming from 20s to 60s, it is open to all who come with a positive attitude.


Your first swim session is free! After that there are several options for payment based on your income, how often you wish to swim and whether you intend to enter any competitions.

Pay Monthly

If you plan to swim six or more sessions per month then you can save money by paying monthly. This gives you access to all training sessions at no extra charge, as well as covering club membership fees and ASA Category 2 membership, allowing you to take part in national competitions. For new members we have an introductory offer of £20 for the first month to allow you to try us out, after which we offer the following options:

  • £40 per month, full-waged
  • £30 per month, low-waged (£15k - £20k p.a.)
  • £20 per month, low-waged (£10k - £15k p.a.)
  • £10 per month, low-waged (less than £10k p.a.)



For those who swim less regularly, you can pay per session which costs £7, or £5 for low-waged (less than £20k p.a.)

If choosing PAYG, you will also need to pay an annual membership fee which must be renewed at the start of each calendar year. There are two options:

  • £13 - ASA (Category 1) Membership
  • £32 - ASA (Category 2) Membership - for those who want to compete in open competitions


We have sessions in Prince Regent Pool in the centre of Brighton in the week. Our main and most popular weekly session is in Roedean on Saturday, head to Venues & Times for full details. We have the whole pool to ourselves.

Mondays 8:30-9:30pm and Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm

at the Prince Regent Swimming Complex every week. Do not pay at the reception but simply meet us in the lounge area to the right of the entrance. 

Saturday at Roedean School 5 to 6 pm 

By Car/Bicycle
To get to the pool at Roedean, drive up to the gates, they will open automatically, then follow the road over the mini roundabout, then up to the top, where the road veers towards the left slightly, follow the road along, then if you look to your right there is a sharp turn, the pool is accessed from car park at the bottom of this turning. If you are driving, please park in the TTIP Car park which is on the right before the turning for the pool (we are not permitted to park in the car park in front of the pool). Cyclists can bring cycles into the pool building.

By Bus
The closest bus stop is Roedean School (which is the stop after Roedean Cafe), numbers 12, 12a, 14 and 27 go east from North Street (stop C) and the Sea Life Centre (stop K) along Marine Parade towards Rottingdean.
The entrance is not the one facing the main road, just walk back a few metres and follow the pathway along the fence through the meadow to the gate. For road vehicles the gate opens automatically by sensor, so you
can either wait for a car or a cyclist to trigger the gate, or call the reception and tell them you are with OTSS.

If you need a lift for to Roedean, let us know in advance or post a request for a lift on our Facebook page (see link below). We often have other club members driving and a popular pick up spot is in front of the
old AMEX building on Edward Street at around 4:40 PM.


You will be made to feel very welcome and it's not all about swimming, we also have weekly socials on Thursdays (food) and Saturdays (drinks at a bar in Kemp Town). You do not need to contact us to ask to come along, just come along!

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