LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Welcome to Out To Swim!

Out to Swim is an Aquatics Club for adults based in London, Brighton and Bristol. Founded 25 years ago by a small band of enterprising swimmers from the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Trans) community, most of our members are LGBT, although we welcome all adults with an interest in aquatic sport, including disabled swimmers. All we ask is that members show equal respect to each other, irrespective of any difference in age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin, nationality, or on any other grounds.

**Our lessons waiting list is currently closed. If you require swimming lessons, please check back in a few months time, or check with other operators.**

We offer participation in many aquatic disciplines, including pool, open water, water polo and Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming.  Although entirely optional, many of our members find competing in the Water Polo leagues and at swim meets helps give focus to their training goals as well as building team spirit.

Out To Swim is one of the biggest masters aquatics clubs in the UK, and we are proud to offer training sessions with experienced coaches every day of the week in London. We cater for a wide range of abilities, offering lessons and development sessions across all disciplines for those who are still learning, as well as challenging sets for experienced athletes. 

Our branch in Brighton - Out To Swim South - offers 3 swim training sessions a week and is still growing!

Plus Out To Swim West will be launching in Bristol in Summer 2018.