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IMPORTANT: If you have had an accident then please fill in the on-line accident form as soon as possible. Do not admit liability, do not make an offer or promise to pay.

Out to Swim (OTS) is a competitive swim club run by volunteers for LGBT people and their friends who want to swim, do synchro or play water polo. The purpose of this section of the website is to enable members to comment or to make suggestions. There is a separate disputes section of this website that outlines the process for a dispute.

If we have done something well then you can also tell us about it here. This enables us to demonstrate the ability and desire to run an open and welcoming swim club while not compromising our competitive status. It is likely that many of the suggestions will relate to issues in the pool itself, most probably pool etiquette and overcrowding issues. Our sessions are popular and we have limited access to pools, so you must please understand that we have to make some compromises (but not with regard to your safety). Most issues are best dealt with in the pool during the session. As experienced masters swimmers all our members are expected to be able to follow our lane etiquette guidelines, follow the instructions of the coach and respect the needs of the other swimmers.  This is a simple matter of courtesy and respect for others.

The most effective way to deal with an issue in the pool is to deal with it at the session by politely explaining your request or concern, suggesting of course a solution. This is best done by immediately raising your concerns with the coach who will be able to assess the situation and intervene accordingly. If you are willing to discuss an issue with the swimmer yourself please be prepared to listen to what they have to say as well. If your concern requires a lengthy discussion or is likely to disrupt the other swimmers then please either do so poolside or after the session.

If you are unsure about something then please ask a committee member, the coach or consult our website (where we cover most things).

Any compliments and suggestions will be considered by the committee, and the individual will be contacted to say what, if any, action is going to be taken.

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