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Need a refresher after time away from swimming? Or been working on your swimming and just need to build up some confidence? Then Out to Swim Lessons and Development can help. We offer a full range of support for everyone not quite ready for the main club.

Improver Lessons are aimed at confident swimmers who can comfortably swim lengths. These lessons build up your skills so that you are ready to join the main swimming club's development squad. There will be two lanes of improvers one faster and one slower, we will put you into a lane at the start of your lessons. The lessons are devoted to building your skills in the four strokes as well as building up your fitness. We also look at starts and turns. You'll still receive the coaching you need as improver lessons have around ten swimmers in each lane.

Taking part in other aquatic disciplines

As a Lessons member of Out To Swim you may swim in your allocated Lesson, but not Development or main club sessions until the coach promotes you.  However, if you would like to try water polo or synchronised swimming you must join the next available introductory session (this may incur an additional charge). You will be allowed onto the main polo / synchro team provided you complete the Beginners course, and the relevant coach confirms you will pose no safety issues to either yourself or others on the team. We are unable to guarantee that all Ducklings will be allowed to join polo and synchro. Once you join the main polo / synchro squads you do not need to pay any additional amounts.

At present we are unable to accommodate Ducklings or Development swimmers in Open Water sessions for safety reasons.

Sounds great! So how do I join?

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