LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Activity Checklist

December 2014
Out To Swim is a large and complex organisation.  Whenever any constituency of the club wishes to undertake a new activity, it is important that all angles are considered.  

Examples of when this checklist must be consulted are as follows (this list is not exhaustive):

  • An Out To Swim session at a new venue
  • A new aquatic discipline
  • A new set of lessons
  • An event abroad e.g. Gay Games
  • Any other club event e.g. GLLAM, a club social

Important Note: Official club activities/sessions are only those that are listed as such on the venues & times section of the Out To Swim website. ASA approved swimming competitions and league water polo matches (although not necessarily listed on the Out To Swim website) are also deemed official club activities/sessions in this context, as are social activities formally arranged by Out To Swim.

We are aware that groups of club members might, from time to time, informally arrange to get together for activities beyond these official club activities/sessions. Please note that these are not official Out To Swim activities/sessions and Out To Swim cannot be held responsible or liable for any accident or incident that might arise out of these informal activities/sessions, either to club members or to any third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, any informal gatherings that might be posted on the Out To Swim Facebook page(s) or any other website or social media format.

We stress that this is not intended to discourage any club members from aquatic or social pursuits outside the club. We do, however, need everyone to understand the defined limits of club activities.

When considering official new activities or sessions that are intended to come under the Out To Swim banner, then it is essential that below check-list is followed.


  1. Gain in principle approval from the Out To Swim committee. You must confirm to the committee that you will use this check-list to determine the appropriateness of the activity/event.
  2. Ensure that the activity/event will be run in accordance with the ASA code of conduct and ASA code of ethics, as well as in line with all in-force club policies and procedures.
  3. Consider any financial implications of the activity/event and discuss with Out To Swim’s treasurer.  Agreement from the treasurer is essential before you commit the club financially.
  4. Confirm with the club’s compliance officer that the activity/event will be covered by the club’s insurance policies.   
  5. Activities/events outside the UK: work with the Out To Swim Secretary to ensure the club gains permission from the ASA to participate in the activity/event.
  6. Health & Safety: ensure essential information is gathered from those engaging in the activity/event (including emergency contacts and any relevant health conditions).
  7. Health & Safety: ensure all coaches, teachers or other instructors are qualified and carry an appropriate level of insurance.
  8. Health & Safety: consider whether Out To Swim should undertake an on-site risk assessment prior to the event/activity.