LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Do I need to tumble turn or dive?

This is not required to join or needed on a ongoing basis unless you want to compete, but we can help with this.

Do I need to wear speedos?

Our members are diverse range of people, body types etc and therefore, please wear the swimming costume you feel most comfortable. If you would like to wear a T-shirt that's fine, but we would recommend a “rash vest”

What happens if I can't do the set or certain strokes (Butterfly, backstroke etc)?

You don’t need to complete the sets. We try to do a mix of strokes but you don’t need to do certain strokes. We can suggest alternatives or help you learn the stroke.

I am trans, can I join?

We welcome trans members. We do not have separate gender training or lanes. We swim inclusive and non gender specific. The prince regent has mixed private cubical changing and the Roedean has single sex changing rooms.

What is the ratio of men to women?


What is the rough idea of the distances normally swum in a session?

On saturday we normally operate 4 different lanes depending on skills and the distance is different for each lane, the minimum lane is normally 1.2km and the highest lane is normally 2.5km, but it depends on the individual as there is no pressure to complete the set.

What are the changing facilities and locker situation?

At Roedean we have single sex changing room with showers, which is secure and no lockers. At the Prince Regent we use the mixed private cubicle changing. £1 (refundable) is needed for the locker.

Are you more a sports club or social club?

While we have members that compete, the strength of the club that shines through is how friendly it is.