LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Out to Swim Scholarship Fund Application: Competitions

All information in this application will be used solely for the review and awarding of an Out to Swim Scholarship. All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Scholarship Committee without the express consent of the applicant.

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Please use to link to check your ASA number:
Please detail the city and country where the competition is to take place
Please write several sentences addressing each of the questions below. Your responses should be no more than 200 words in total. (a) In what way will you be participating in this competition? (swimmers please list intended events) (b) Why would you like to participate in this competition? (c) What factors influenced your decision to participate in this particular competition? (d) How do you think participating in this competition will affect you? (e) Please describe any recent contributions made to the Club (such as organising a social activity, volunteer coaching, acting as a current or past Committee member, etc.)
Please note that scholarships for all or some of the money requested will be approved based on the information provided in the application, but no funds will be released without proof that the recipient has registered for the competition in question and has paid or will pay the registration fee. You do not have to register for the competition before submitting this application. The OTS Scholarship Committee will determine the amount of each scholarship based on the information provided and the available funds for this purpose. We encourage you to explore low cost housing arrangements, such as hosted housing and shared accommodations, and economical travel, such as car pooling, cheap flights, or bus travel. By submitting this request, you certify that all information in it is true to the best of your knowledge and that you agree to the terms of the Application Guidance Note. You agree to use the funds granted for the purpose specified and understand that not doing so risks rescinding of the award. *