LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Out to Swim Scholarship Fund Application: Membership Fees

All information in this application will be used solely for the review and awarding of an Out to Swim Scholarship. All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the Scholarship Committee without the express consent of the applicant.

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The Graham Pearlman scholarship is available for people living with HIV. The OTS scholarship is open to anyone to apply.
Go to this link to check for your ASA (Swim England) number:
Please note that participation in competitions is not a pre-requisite. Should you want to apply for financial support for attending a competition then you can make a separate application at any time. This is for our information purposes only.
Other financial support may include assistance with transport costs for getting to our sessions, for example, but please note that this would be viewed as an exceptional request.
The OTS Scholarship Committee will determine the amount of each scholarship based on the information provided, the available funds and on need. Where the award is on an ongoing basis it may be withdrawn at any time, but we will try to give you as much warning of this as we can. By submitting this request, you certify that all information in it is true to the best of your knowledge. You agree to use the funds granted for the purpose specified or risk rescinding of the award and that it is for your own benefit only. *