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Synchronised Swimming: The Out To Swim Angels

In April 2009 Out to Swim added a fourth discipline to its aquatic repertoire: synchronised swimming. Our aim is to provide coached synchronised swimming to men and women, for those who want to take part in the sport for general fitness, as well as for those who want to train for competition. We are the first swimming club in the UK to offer the sport to both men and women.

Our group

The Out to Swim synchronised swimming team is known as the Angels - we are a group of 20 male and female swimmers of various ages and abilities. We compete in the UK and internationally and perform occasional displays. Some recent achievements of the combination team include gold and silver medals at the National Masters Championships, various medals at Tournoi International de Paris and a gold medal at the Gay Games in Cologne. Out to Swim was the first club to field a mixed duet at a Masters competition in the UK. See about synchronised swimming.

 Beginners team relaxing after a display at the London Aquatics Centre

Beginners team relaxing after a display at the London Aquatics Centre

Benefits of synchro

Synchronised swimming develops advanced water skills, including strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and precise timing, as well as breath control. Many swimmers come to us wanting to try something different and to take on a new challenge. Although it helps to have experience in aquatic sport, dance or gymnastics, most of our swimmers are entirely new to these sports and slightly apprehensive on their first visit, as Ben, a recent beginner, explains I first went along for a trial session, nervous and half expecting to be too unfit or find the group too competitive for me. I quickly realised that everyone is really relaxed and supportive. Not only is it good workout, it’s also a lot of fun!

Synchronised Swimming Challenge for beginners

In April 2017, Out to Swim launched the Synchro Challenge, a 6-month course teaching a group of 20-30 male beginners basic synchronised swimming skills and a routine to music, culminating in a display at the London Aquatics Centre, home to the London Olympics. This pioneering course was supported by Swim England. The course was a great success and we plan to operate a new course starting in January 2018. For more information and to pre-register.

Our training sessions

We hold coached training sessions 5.30pm to 7pm every Sunday and 7pm to 8.30pm every Monday at the Queen Mother Leisure Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EL. These regular sessions teach and practise skills for experienced swimmers and beginners, but are not a structured course of lessons. For a structured beginners course, see the Synchro Challenge, above.







Try out with us and join the club

As a first step, new swimmers are welcome to try out with us at free taster sessions held every 3-4 weeks. Please complete the trial form to provide us with your details and arrange a visit. After the session, we will advise you whether you whether to join our club session or take part in our next Synchro Challenge beginners course.

If, after trying out with us, you wish to join, then you will need Out to Swim membership, which gives you access to synchronised swimming as well as swimming, open water and water polo sessions. See Join Us! for details of membership options and to sign up.

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