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The Out To Swim Angels

In April 2009 Out to Swim added a fourth discipline to its aquatic repertoire: synchronised swimming. Our aim is to provide coached synchro to men and women, for those who want to take part in the sport for general fitness, as well as for those who want to train for competition.We are the first swimming club in the UK to offer the sport to both men and women.

What is synchronised swimming?

Synchro combines swimming, dance and gymnastics in a synchronised routine performed in deep water to musical accompaniment. The sport develops advanced water skills, including strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and precise timing, as well as breath control for the underwater segments.

The sport has several competitive formats: solo, duo, trio and team routines for male, female and mixed teams. A team consists of between 4 and 10 swimmers. Read more about synchro.
Who are the Angels?

The Out to Swim synchro team is known as the Angels. We have about 20 regular swimmers of mixed ages and abililities.

We train continuously throughout the year to improve our individual skills, and to prepare for competitions. The most rewarding aspect of synchro is practising as a team and learning routines. Typically, it takes several months of practice to master a new routine.

Out to Swim maintains a “combination team” of up to ten people as well as fielding solos. We compete in LGBT, and other, competitions and perform occasional displays. Some recent achievements of the combination team include a gold medal at the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, and in 2011 gold at Eurogames in Rotterdam and bronze at Tournoi International de Paris.

Synchronised it for me?

Our swimmers have a wide range of ability. The basic requirement is that you are a competent swimmer of front crawl, backstroke and breastroke.
If you need help improving these strokes before starting synchro, then Out to Swim provides swimming lessons.
It helps to have good flexibility, coordination, core strength, body awareness and a sense of rhythm. So, experience in dance, ballet, gymnastics or aerobics is a bonus, but by no means essential.

Check out Venues & Times to see when we train.

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