LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Trainee Coaches & Teachers

Policy Adopted by Committee: 31 January 2015

Out To Swim supports the training of new coaches and teachers from the main membership. Anyone interested in training as a coach or teacher should speak with the Head Coach in the first instance. There are four main criteria for anyone thinking of doing this:

  1. You should be committed to teaching or coaching with Out To Swim for the long term.
  2. The Head Coach needs to be satisfied that you have the appropriate level of talent and skill to become an effective coach or teacher with Out To Swim. In particular, the Head Coach needs to agree and pre-approve each stage of your formal training.
  3. For each stage of your formal training, you need to be willing to contribute at least 75% towards the training/qualification costs. You will normally pay for this by accruing unpaid coaching or teaching hours. You will accrue these hours at the rate applicable to your current teaching or coaching level (or for trainees, the lowest hourly rate paid to Out To Swim teachers or coaches).
  4. You must agree to abide by this trainee coaches and teachers policy, and by all other club policies and procedures that may be in-force during your time as a trainee and/or qualified coach or teacher with Out To Swim. You may be asked to confirm such agreement in writing.

Notwithstanding criterion 1 above, if you (as either a trainee or qualified coach or teacher) leave Out To Swim before accruing sufficient unpaid hours to match at least 75% of your training/qualification costs, then you will be required to reimburse the club financially for any shortfall, before your last day as a member of the club’s coaching and teaching team.

You are responsible for arranging your personal membership of the Institute of Swimming (or equivalent governing body) and your personal liability insurance (which is mandatory for all Out To Swim coaches and teachers). The club will not normally cover the cost of these, except in exceptional circumstances.

You must submit a monthly timesheet to the Head Coach (or nominated deputy) in order for the club to keep an accurate record of your hours.

During any level 1 training period, you will not be permitted to coach or teach without supervision from a qualified Out To Swim coach or teacher.

Once you achieve your qualification, the Head Coach will discuss with you how best you can contribute to the coaching and teaching team on a paid basis.

All trainee and full coaches / teachers are entitled to free club membership provided they contribute at least four hours per month.

As well as following at all times the rules of the club (including all in-force policies and procedures), you must also familiarise yourself with the Coaches & Teachers Handbook