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Double win for Orca ladies

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The Orca ladies headed down to Whitgift School again yesterday for two games of polo.

Our first game was against London Penguins who, like all the other teams in the comp (apart from us) are young! Oh & fast! 

With only 1 sub for our 2nd half we were worried we'd be out swam & out fitnessed, but no one gave up!! 
Some really good driving saw us with front water as well as multiple kick outs (which Marijke took full advantage of with a great shot!) & we pressed & defended their attack so well! Mel & Janice were great in defence, fouling & jumping to another player to help cover & slow down their play. 

Final score was Orcas 4, Penguins 1! 🎉🙌🏼
Mik x 3 & Marijke x 1
Great saves from Thania & Penguins only goal came from a 5m penalty!

So where do we go from here? 
On to play Bexley that's where! 

All 9 of us were a little bit tired to start with (contributed by some swim sets and a 10km run in the morning), but again we never gave up.

Once we managed to move our attack down past half way, Oti sat really well in Pit A (centre forward) & Sef & Elise had some good drives around the arc (mushroom). 
Bexley weren't going to let us get away & we had to dig deep & defend hard. Big shoutout to Caroline who defended well, refusing to let her players get away & even managed to distract one with some great conversations. A tactic I am well versed in & definitely recommend! 😁

We finished the game 3-2, another win for us!! 🎉🙌🏼🥂
Oti x 2 & Mik x 1

Huge thanks to Sads who came to ref for us! After minimal sleep he still performed & his Queen waves (whilst ref'ing) were highly entertaining!
& also a big thanks to Willmott who made sure I didn't fall asleep on the train & actually made it to the pool!
Your cheering & table duty were much appreciated! 

Proud Captain

Water Polo Women's Summer League

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17 July 2016
Final Round of Women’s Summer League

We travelled from far and wide to converge on Croydon on Sunday and at times it felt like we had fallen through the rabbit-hole and landed alongside Sarah Palin (in male form) at a soccer game. It was, of course, the final round of the women’s summer league. 

We knew the first match against Beckenham would be tough and we were not disappointed. Scratched, pummeled and with breasts exposed at every turn, we got through it and even managed a goal or two (thanks, Oti).

The second match against Oxford was very well played by all – we just couldn’t quite get the ball in the goal, but not for lack of trying. Balls hit the posts or got halfway in, only to be scooped out at the last second by their goalie. Nevertheless, we still got a number in, thanks again to Oti and to Ana. 

The final match was another good effort and it was our closest of the three. (I got wrapped, twice kicked out for fouling a 12-year-old. Shameful.)

We did not make the trip alone, however; Sads came too, as our referee, showing the rest how it is done – properly. My personal favourite was the authoritative circling finger in the air when play turned over. 

Special thanks goes to Marijke, our steadfast goalie who really did earn her keep.  In pit, Oti, Ana and Sophie W were formidable; Sophie W was also in pit defence, along with Janice, grappling against strong (and at times rather vicious) opposition pit players. Sef and Elise were tireless on the sides at 4m – Elise in particular was everywhere, setting up offensive play and defending valiantly. Alex, Sophie A and Helen were on the wings, setting up the arc beautifully and hauling ass to get back on defence.

A huge thanks to all who played and well done – everyone played their socks off (but could still raise a glass at the pub afterward).



12 June 2016

Eleven She-Orcas (which included a lame-shouldered captain) travelled to Whitgift School in Croydon on Sunday 12th June for round two of the Women’s London Summer Water Polo League. 

We played three matches of 2 x 10 minutes, running time. The first was against Beckenham, a team originally in Division 1. It was a tough start: they were fit and fast and there were a number of counterattacks – new goalie Thania was put to work right away. Play calmed down significantly in the second half as the She-Orcas got into their groove and we managed to get one past their goalie, thanks to the skilful play of Marijke. (Yes, out of goal and in the field, and loving it!) Alex, our newest player, took a turn in pit and held her position admirably against some very ferocious pit-D action.

The second match against Oxford was a nail-biter. We ended up losing by one (3-4) but it was touch and go the whole time. Goals were scored by Oti and Tara, with further shots from Sef, Elise and Mel. Defence was tight, with Jantien, Marijke and anyone else going battling it out in pit-D. (Janice has the fat lip to prove it.) The arc, meanwhile, was a thing of beauty to behold.

A weary pod lined up for the final match against Croydon. The score (10 – 1) doesn’t accurately reflect what went on in the pool. Bar when they scored off fast breaks, we managed to play a good defence (with some epic saves from Thania) and got some quality shots on their goal. 

Overall, there was improved communication between players, more confidence in taking shots and, most importantly, everyone left with smiles on their faces, especially those heading off to the pub!