LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Out To Swim West

Welcome to OTS West, a masters swimming club for the LGBT+ community in Bristol, UK.  We welcome anyone who wants to swim for fitness.

LGBT+ Masters Swimming in Bristol

The club is part of the wider Out To Swim aquatics club in London and Brighton and the Bristol group launched in September 2018, supported by the University of Bristol.  Our coaches design great workouts and, as well as swimming for fitness, we also work on technique across all four main strokes: front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly.

Venues and Times (from 1st September 2019)

We swim three times a week at the University of Bristol Swimming Pool in Queens Road, Clifton:

  • Tuesdays: 6.30am to 7.30am (uncoached*, focus on distance)

  • Wednesdays: 7pm to 8pm (uncoached*, focus on skills)

  • Saturdays: 12pm to 1pm (2 lanes, with a coach, focus on skills)

*Uncoached sessions are led by an experienced member of the club

The minimum standard required is 4 lengths front crawl continuously. If you can't quite manage this yet then the University of Bristol offer Adult Swimming Lessons for those unable to make the minimum standard.  With a bit of help and practice it really won't be long before you're swimming multiple lengths.


Current fees are as follows:

  • Members: £30 per month

  • UoB Staff Members: £26 per month

  • UoB/UWE Student Members: £22 per month

  • 4 swim membership - maximum of 4 swims per month: £20 per month

Fees include pool entry fees, coaching and club membership.  There is also a small annual fee of £15.04 to cover membership of the ASA (UK Amateur Swimming Association, £32.97 if you wish to compete), required for insurance purposes.


We often go for a drink or a coffee after a swim and we have regular social events.  Check out our Facebook page for more info.


If you like the sound of this so far then come and join us on a Saturday for a free swim to see what we're all about.  Fill in this form to arrange your free session. You’ll get 3 free swims in total to try us out.


Still not sure it's right for you?  Here are a few questions we've been asked recently:

I'm worried I won't be good enough.  How will I know?

There are a wide range of abilities in the club and the coaches ensure that each of us is swimming at the right pace.  We want you to join, not put you off.

Is everyone else really fit?

In  Just as we have a wide range of abilities we also have a wide range of sizes and body shapes in the pool.  Honestly, we've all been through that nervous first session and come out of it unscathed.

What happens on my first swim?

We'll let you know where to meet us at the pool and make sure you have a buddy who'll look after you for the session.  They will walk you through the changing facilities and pool-side and introduce you to the coach.  They'll also be on hand to help you interpret things like acronyms and some of the very few lane rules we have. Nothing too serious.  As we said, we want you to come and enjoy yourself.  It's also perfectly OK to sit out a length or two to catch your breath.

What are the changing facilities like at the pool?

There are separate male and female changing facilities at the pool.  In each changing area there is an open changing area and a number of private cubicles.  The showers in each room are in half-open cubicles.

What other questions do you have?  Send us an email to or a message on Facebook.  We're pretty good at getting back to people quickly.

I’m not quite ready yet

No problem, if you’re not quite ready to take the “plunge” (sorry! Ed.) you can sign up to our trusty Mailchimp list where we’ll send you sporadic reminders of what you’re missing out on!


See you poolside.