LGBT Masters Aquatics Club

Dives and Turns

Added on by Emily Chong.

As we enter the spring season we will start to look at honing our skills. We will be introducing more No 1 non-free stroke into sessions. We will still focus on technical elements of stroke work and start to do more dive and turn training.


Things to focus on getting off the blocks quickly:

  • Stay streamlined underwater keep head tucked between arms do not lift the head while under water. Do not try and swim whilst still submerged! If you are too deep, instead, point tips of fingers to the surface and this should bring you to the surface. 
  • Do kick between 4-6 butterfly kicks underwater (underwater fly kick should be quick and a shallow kick) as you are surfacing continue into a hard free kick that will help propel you forward into the momentum of the swim.
  • For backstroke, duplicate this but on your back.
  • On Butterfly do not change to free kick but continue with fly kick into the stroke.
  • With Breaststroke you can execute the fly kick (only 1 permitted) at any point whilst under water. You should do one full stroke pull through to your thighs a breast kick and then bring arms to the front of your body ready to break the surface. Your first pull through after that you need to ensure your head has broken the surface of the water. If you pull whilst still underwater you will be disqualified.


Do swim hard into the wall and spot in advance the wall
Do touch the wall with 2 hands on the turn and finish on breast and fly
Do turn onto your front to tumble on backstroke but do not do a freestyle stroke as you turn  
Do not breathe when swimming into the wall on free and fly and do not breathe after the turn for at least 2-3 strokes
Practice this in sessions will help you with getting this correct in competitions.


Happy swimming folks,
Michelle Weltman
Head Coach