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Final game Women's Summer league

Added on by Emily Chong.

Sunday marked the final match of the women’s summer league, with 10 orcas making that trip to Croydon to face our nemesis: Bexley (the only team we’ve lost to this season). Everyone remembers the infamous ten-minute stopping quarters; this match was the antithesis, with six-minute quarters, running time only. 

As gently settling in was not an option, Oti put it in the back of the net on our first offensive play. Before you could turn around twice and whistle a tune, that whistle blew for the end of quarter 1. Despite some furious offensive driving by our indomitable Elise and shots from the amazing Carlotta in pit, we could not get the ball in the net. Bexley capitalised on a man-up and, at half-time, it was 1-1. 

Even our timid ref couldn’t fail to give Jules a penalty when she was roundly sunk on her way to a goal and we were up one more at the end of the 3rd quarter. Despite outstanding defence from Janice, Marijke, Laura and Grace, more driving and shooting from all of us, Thania catching one shot after another, Bexley managed to sneak one in from a floating lob. 

We ran out of time (but never enthusiasm), the score tied at 2-2. Well done, wonderful women (and that includes Mikala, Ria and Sef, of course)! What a season: 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie!

Report by Melissa