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Orcas and pups in Amsterdam 2019

Added on by Emily Chong.

Two weeks ago, 40 energetic Orcas travelled to Amsterdam for the 1st Champagne tournament of 2019!

With 3 full teams we were (as usual) one of the largest contingents at the tournament.

Not only did we come to play, we also came to have fun, be seen and make/continue our great friendships with the other clubs in the Champagne League. This was executed to perfection on Thursday evening when we arrived into Amsterdam.

orcas amsterdam.jpeg

With 3 teams at the pool, the support and cheering each team received whilst playing really helped spur on everyone and it really epitomised our club spirit.

A big shout out to the 11 Orca Pups! Who blended well in their teams and really pushed themselves. This was their first tournament in mixed teams (ie not just Orca Pups) and they outdid themselves & should be proud!


After some tough matches, Orca A’s won a medal and placed 3rd in the Competitive League! A feat we were all very happy with a tournament where we all played really well and pushed each game to the wire. Our worst loss was only by 2 goals, unfortunately that was against our Paris Arch Nemesis ~ Berlin (who went on to win the Comp), but there’s always next tournament!


Amsterdam home team hosted an after tournament drinks in the sun that really kicked off the evening, “homonument” was visited and PRIK Bar too!

The next day was Kings Day, where there was plenty of orange and rain, neither of which dampened anyone’s spirits!

Domestic and International relations were forged, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so no more info on that. 🤫

All in all a fabulous weekend away! 

and now we look forward to New York & Rome!  

Mik xXx