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Midsummer Relay Tooting Bec Lido

Added on by Emily Chong.

This year, Out To Swim brought 3 teams to the annual Midsummer relay hosted by South London Swim Club.  Each team of 4 had to swim 16 lengths of the lido (100yards) as a relay without guidance/restriction of lanes ropes or black lines... It was free for all (for 40 teams who all started at the same time) Due to our impeccable sighting technique, there was no head on collisions.  We narrowly missed out on a podium slot, but who cares, it was blazing hot and we were cooling off in the water and there was a falafel feast. 

Denise's debut after taking a few years out.

Martin and Carlos' first ever race! 

Erika has graduated from development lane and become quite the swimmer. 

and Out To Swim sure won the most good looking teams.