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Bantham Swoosh - Club Championship

Added on by Emily Chong.

As part of the Out To Swim Club Championship event, 12 swimmers traveled the width of the country to the deepest darkest Devon to participate in Bantham Swoosh.  This 6km evening swim in 14C salt water promised a "swoosh" at the end as the tide sweeps you on to the beach.  Looking at my Garmin, the current was definitely strong with my last km at 1min 12 per 100m! (faster than my PB in the pool)

10 female and 2 male OTS swimmers: Alex, Gosia, Vicky, Geraldine, Emily, Sine, Laura, Alex, Tess, Leo and Simon led by Head Coach Michelle, dodged flotsam and jetsam down River Avon to all finish at Bantham Beach.

With a 6 hours drive there and back, and sharing an air bnb, lots of team bonding, beer drinking and nattering were done. Fully capturing what Out To Swim is about - swimming, camaraderie, and pasties.



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