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The HVO week

Added on by Emily Chong.

Hi Swimmers,

Momentum is picking up leading into the Middlesex County Championship and entry forms are fast disappearing!  Don't fret if you did not get one, you can download it here.

You will all have noticed that Alex and Nathan have put up some videos on Facebook, do have a look, learn and think about what is being said. 

For those that swam on Saturday and were filmed I am sure you found that useful. We will do more of that in the coming weeks. This is a useful way to understand what it is you are doing in the water and what it is we want you to do! 

For this week much the same as last week in terms of sessions but we will also be doing more HVO work. You may ask what HVO is, follow this link to our page that will give you an idea what HVO, Aerobic, Lactate Sets etc are.

A reminder that you all need to do a combination of all these sets to be a better/ faster swimmer.
Good luck to the cold water swimmers competing tomorrow night at Tooting Bec Lido! and well done to the Water Polo team who competed at the tournament on Sunday. 

Have a good week of swimming,
Head Coach


Added on by Emily Chong.

Wow, is all I can say! Congratulations to all the OTS swimmers who swam last week at the European Master's Championship and did so well. Lots of PB's some very good swims from everyone, with Lizzie winning 2 medals and our men's 4x50 relay team coming 4th in Europe! 

Going forward we will continue to work in competition mode but we will be building up some distance to ensure we don't loose the fast swimming. there are a number of swimmers going to IGLA (if you are going and have not told David yet, please do) The emphasis is to continue to work on feel of water and good technique starts and turns.

Remember that there are a number of sessions a week and you should vary the nights you swim in order to get an overall varsity  of swim sets and energy systems worked.  Just doing fast swimming or slow swimming will not make you a better swimmer! 

Sunday's sets are more about Technique and skill development

Monday's and Thursday's at Oasis are your sets where you will do hard sprinting and fast swimming.

Tuesday will be more focused on building fitness.

Wednesday will be a mixture of technic and fitness.

Thursday LB will be distance work for Triathlons and open water swimming.

Friday is an opportunity to swim longer, get faster and fitter.

Saturday's are a mixture of fast, endurance and challenging swimming!

Next focus now is to get as many of you to Middlesex County Championship on the 24th of July. To enter, contact our competition secretary here.

Michelle Weltman
Head Coach